Get Stocks on Discount by Setting Limit Orders

Today is no different than any other day if you are practising dollar cost averaging

But everything is changing for many people.

My own main business is in danger.

All businesses is in danger

This changes the outlook on investing for me.

But only slightly..

Warren Buffett said, in the last interview i saw. “I don’t buy stocks, i buy businesses. ”

I am going to look at it the same way.

With a total value of $167 billion (March 20th 2020) he still only owns positions in about 50 companies. Source

So my goal to own and follow about 15-25 companies is basically still holding up i think.

In this, the current plunge. The crisis. Limit orders can help you set buy orders.

But i discovered my current trading platform, via my bank is just not doing the trick for me.

So in the middle of all of this – i am looking for a new trading platform.

I cant use Robin Hood, and after all the trouble they have been through lately i am looking somewhere else.

I am considering Saxo Bank, Nordnet and Degiro. – they seem to be the best options as a Danish person.

I wanted to make a Limit order to buy Disney. But I could’nt make it as low as i want.

I also discovered a new fee i haven’t seen before. So Sadly, I think I have to wait until I am on a new platform to get going.

Watch my video where I explain it all.

I am predicting, that especially the american stock market will drop even further.

And at some point in the near future. There are real money to be made (i think)

If you have some money.

Go ahead with the dollar cost averaging strategy and try set some low limit orders.

If you want a piece of a company, then try setting the limit 15% lower than the current trading value.

The order might get filled – and you got a bigger discount on buying in.

What are you doing right now?


I am on a journey to personal wealth. Follow my journey on this blog or on YouTube. Be aware, I am not giving you investment advice.

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