My First Dividend Investment for 2020 project

This is not the first stock investment I have ever made.

Far from it.

But i am about to embark on a new project

I want to invest consistently in dividend paying stocks

I have previously tried day trading, property investments and lots of other things. They did not agree with me, and they were not “for me”.

Here’s my dividend investment strategy:

I own and run a SEO agency, and some online media properties (websites), and when my payout of the yearly profits is getting payed to my holdings company, I am planning to invest those earnings spaced out, evenly, once a week for the rest of 2020.

I am also selling my last property (at a great loss, but let’s not talk about that right now), but that sale is not finalized yet, so I actually do not know how much money I will have to invest.

It’s my holdings account I am going to invest from. I could’ve done it from a personal account as well, but we my post-tax money, I am electing to pay off my debts.

A few years ago I paid of my smaller bank loans, and in 2019 I paid of my car, that I bought in 2018.

It’s snowballing already, and I am sticking to that strategy with my post-tax money. (take home pay)

This year I am paying of a “lump sum” of my house mortgage, which means that i will cut my time to debt free from 25 to approx 17 years.

That’s nice – i hope future me will thank me for it.

Here’s the stocks I am thinking to invest in first.

  1. Danske Bank (DANSKE)
  2. Delta Airlines (DAL)
  3. Walt Disney (DIS)
  4. Royal Bank of Canada (RY)
  5. Intel Corporation (INTC)

I am not sure yet.

As I am writing this, Danske Bank has a Earning Per Share of 16,7% which is really great, and as being a Dane, I would never dream that the biggest bank in Denmark would ever break.

It has been through a rough patch, but It also handles the public sectors money transfers etc. So it’s basically the national bank of Denmark

Delta Airlines is also interesting, because I heard it has been a good dividend stock to hold, and recently Warren Buffet just purchased a gigantic amount of stocks. Source

but i am worried about the future of airlines with and I don’t really like it, with the climate and all.

Walt disney is bascially because i am a mega fan.

I am probably going to own all of them in due time. I want to even my investments out on a vast amount of different divididend stocks to be more “safe” and “diversified”

Follow my channel on YouTube to see what I end up investing in.


I am on a journey to personal wealth. Follow my journey on this blog or on YouTube. Be aware, I am not giving you investment advice.

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