#2 Does Dollar Cost Averaging Really Work? – My Doubts and Fears

I need to be better at following my strategy.

Today I ended up purchasing my second chunk of shares in a new company.

I Updated my portfolio accordingly.

I went against my own strategy to use Dollar Cost Averaging to buy once a week all year.

When others are seeing fear and the market plummets I am seeing opportunities that I just wanted to be a part of.

Here’s why I couldn’t wait.

Within days from now, a big chunk of the companies I have been eyeing to purchase are conducting their shareholders meeting, where they talk about how much dividends they pay for the next year.

If you own the stocks before this date, you get the yearly dividend.

And at this point, if these stocks pay out remotely close to what they have been doing the last ten years – I am looking at a 10% dividend yield within a few months from my purchase.

I am the farthest from a spock-like logical thinker when it comes to money. I have been working on thinking strategically for years.

And I have become better and better, but I still get carried away.

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Why ISS A/S?


Who really knows how to pick stocks?

No one right? – Even Warren Buffet says that he is not buying stocks, but buying parts of companies that he likes.

And honestly? I have a great feeling about ISS A/S.

A company employing about 500,000 people and has been around for more than 100 years.

This Company is one of the big dividend players in Denmark and also in the TOP25 (C25) of the Danish economy.

I feel like this is one of the strongest companies, in one of the strongest economies in the world.

If everything come crashing down, this company feels safer than many others.

Also the Dividend Yield was around 8% which is insane. It has been trading around 200+ for the last year, and I got my piece for 91-something.

Running low on liquidity

I have cash

In theory – but not really.

I paid to much taxes this year. But as far as I know I get these money back in september / november ish.

I have dividend payout from my primary business. My Marketing Consulting agency, but because of this market we are in, and because I just payed a huge amount of cash in VAT.

The bank account is not flush with cash, so I have chosen to keep as much money as possible in my consulting agency, even though I am owed a good chunk of money.

My private savings is not in play here. This is only pre-tax money in my holding company I am investing here.

I have personal private savings I have been working on for some time as well.

For a long time it has been a security buffer – A cushon for me and my family. BUT I have spent every single one “kroner” of my savings.

In April (or before this) I will tell you about what I did with my chunk of personal cash. This post is going to be in the “saving” section of this website.

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What do you think?

Is buying now a stupid idea?


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