#1 My First Purchase of Shares, What Stock Did I Pick?

In my previous blog post I talked about my initial thoughts about purchasing my first shares.

You can read it here : My First Dividend Investment for 2020 project

Among my list I had the biggest bank in Denmark. Which was the stock I ended up picking.

I am doing a YouTube video for each of my purchases. Follow my Channel called Investing Passion – I will explain why I purchase each stock.

Heres my reasoning:

Danske Bank A/S is the biggest bank in Denmark. And even though the market right now is going through some turmoil I feel like I might be in much deeper problems if this bank goes under.

Right now ticker:DANSKE’s expected dividend is closing in on 10% which is pretty high.

It’s not that it’s unsustainable high, but I just feel like its valued to low, during to all sorts of scandals in the management of the bank.

I might be wrong. But as far as my research tells me, I purchased this stock in due time to get the dividend for this year. As far as I know I just had to own it before March 18th of this year. (in 8 days)

Tax benefits on Danish Stocks

Not that I totally understand the benefits, my business partner told me to look at Danish stocks to invest my money in.

I will look more into this to totally understand what this means. As far as I understand this, when the company pays taxes on the profits (of which it pays dividends) I don’t have to ALSO pay taxes on my dividens, because the company already paid taxes.

Where as if I own Disney I would have to pay taxes on the dividends even though the profit taxes was already paid* (probably not, haven and such)

Go to my portfolio to keep updated.

Right now the total value is just about 1400 dollars.

But let’s add some digits to that amount over time..


I am on a journey to personal wealth. Follow my journey on this blog or on YouTube. Be aware, I am not giving you investment advice.

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